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About Us


One of Turkey’s leading companies, C.E. International Trade was founded by Cemal Ersoy in 2018. It mainly operates in the sectors of wood products, Marble, Textile, International trade, Marketing, Road marking paints, Furniture and Furniture materials. It is a corporate company that promotes and markets the products of Anatolian producer companies and brands that add value to Turkey in the foreign market. CE International Trade is rapidly opening up to foreign markets with its experienced team.

We are among the leading companies in the global market by providing quality, economical, environmentally friendly, innovative services and products to our customers and solution partners.

We have an innovative perspective that follows and uses technology closely, adopts trust and quality as a principle, and offers fast solutions to the needs of its solution partners and customers.

You can contact us for detailed information about all the companies we represent as CE International Trade and the services we provide.


As CE International Trade, we have a core staff who specialize in all the companies we represent and the services we provide and the export products we market. Since our team has years of experience, knowledge and experience in their fields, they always offer solution-oriented, innovative and professional service and experience. Whether it is the sale and application of textile, furniture, road marking paints, or in foreign trade or tourism and transportation, we always have a team ready to provide the highest quality service to our customers.


To add value to the Turkish brand by expanding its activities in its own sectors in Anatolia, Europe and the Middle East. It was established by Cemal ERSOY with the aim of increasing the foreign trade of the country and increasing the foreign exchange inflow in the efficient promotion and marketing of Turkish products abroad. To provide a solution partnership in line with all the needs of our customers in the world, without compromising on quality and trust, using time correctly, ensuring continuity.


As CE International Trade, our vision is to be a global company of Anatolian origin, waving the Turkish flag. To increase the added value of Turkish brands and products in the Foreign Trade network. Attracting new investors to Turkey. It is to take the necessary steps to close Turkey’s foreign trade deficit and to help stengthen the Turkish Lira and to reach the targets. As a leading and preferred organization in our sector, it is always to provide reliable, high quality, environmentally friendly products and services to our customers.